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DVI Technologies rides on a proven record in Business Intelligence. We are a Technology Company that delivers to the needs of our clients across various industries and verticals. We have carved our Business Intelligence Services towards our clients’ current and future needs. Our process ranges from business analysis to post-implementation support the full BI development lifecycle. Our GEEK TEAM works with our client throughout the process to determine best practices, requirements and development using latest methodologies to ensure development, testing and implementation. Our services help our clients and business partners to be more efficient and business savvy to help them make better business decisions that extensively use Business Intelligence tools.

Our expert teams are drawn from the business units and have expertise in understanding business needs, visualizing potential applications, and developing strategies and tools that help address today's needs, preparing businesses to meet tomorrow's complexities.

KPI Management

DVI Technologies experts help companies develop accountability across the data warehousing or business intelligence programs by making appropriate linkages between the program deliverables and ongoing Key Performance Indicators.


Strategy Blueprinting and Business Maps

While technology is a major component in the actualization of Business Intelligence goals, it is widely acknowledged that most DW/ BI initiatives fall short of delivering the promise for the lack of business orientation / sponsorship of the initiative. Our strategic services are focused at helping companies bridge the gap between business and technology.

This proven business-driven approach has provided our clients with a viable roadmap to maximize their investment in technology and to measure their return on investment in terms of operational efficiency, business value, and end-user satisfaction.

Business Technology Alignment is offered in a phased approach to provide clients flexibility for leveraging our services. Those phases and their major deliverables are:

Risk and ROI Modeling

DVI Technologies experts recognize that ROI analysis is the most business-oriented measure of gauging whether an organization should make financial, and more importantly, time commitments to the BI program.

We combine proven expertise, real world implementation cases, and a variety of business models to develop appropriate Risk and ROI Scenarios. This has helped companies implement strategies that deliver long-term business value.


Data Readiness and Management

DVI Technologies experts enable our clients to better leverage existing or new technologies to effectively access and understand their corporate information while at the same time elevating the level of information quality and reducing implementation timeframes.

Our strategic resources have over twenty years of experience delivering custom data warehouse and data management solutions to the Global 2000, supported by its best practices and a proven methodology. Data Readiness is a key element in most of our Data Warehousing initiatives.

Data Preparation and Discovery

Data Remediation and Quality Management

Data Acquisition, Profiling, Delivery and Access

Tactical Services

Our scalable service packages are designed to meet client needs for data marts, departmental warehouses, enterprise warehouses, and data migrations. These packages quickly derive business value with the initial implementation and easily scale to meet rapidly changing business needs.


Data Modeling

DVI Technologies experts help clients develop appropriate data models (conceptual, logical, physical) to develop a closer interaction of business and technology implementation, as well as to develop a holistic model of the interplay between business process and data collected. Similar techniques are utilized for designing the data warehouse.


DVI Technologies expert consultants help clients develop usage scenarios and applications that make sure the business benefits of the data warehouse / business intelligence program are actually delivered. Our developing teams have an ability to work very closely with the client teams or our project managers to develop business applications or integrations to existing applications.

In many cases we help clients implement the right tools and technology within their data warehouse environments. As a result, data warehousing products differ significantly in their architectures and performance characteristics, as well as their integration capabilities. Our consultants focus on understanding our client's unique requirements, and then underlying technologies of each vendor product to identify a solution that would offer the highest strategic value.


Reports and Dashboards

DVI Technologies has extensive experience presenting and leveraging corporate data through reporting applications and dashboard applications. Our consultants have extensive experience working at tactical as well as strategic CXO levels.

We can assist clients throughout any phase of the reporting initiative, from preliminary analysis and tool selection to architecture, design, development, testing and rollout. We help clients identify information that is not available today, reports that leave them with additional questions, and identifying reports that have yet to be recognized.

We help clients leverage enterprise information resources to present decision makers with clear, actionable information through a visual, intuitive format. From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance indicators (KPIs) allowing them to take action to effectively track and improve business performance. Correctly designed and implemented, dashboards typically have high adoption rates and deliver a significant return on investment (ROI). DVI Technologies has extensive experience planning, designing and implementing dashboards across industries.

Metadata and Master Data Management

DVI Technologies core competency in managing master data and our experience-based, best-practice approach to identifying and resolving data quality issues helps companies interested in instituting or enhancing their Master Data Management program to:

Select the appropriate tools for their master data management program

Institute a data stewardship program orchestrated for the continued improvement in master data quality.

Institute a data stewardship program orchestrated for the continued improvement in master data quality.

Implement a repeatable process that publishes master data for use by the application suite.

Orchestrate a program to ensure adoption of the published master data.

Institute the necessary Business Continuity and ILM controls around the master data systems of record.

Understanding the context in which data, applications, and processes and how they are all interrelated is critical to providing a single source of trusted information to end users. DVI Technologies metadata solutions increase accuracy, consistency, and quality of data, thus resulting in reduced cost of ownership and increased user confidence.


Data Warehouse Implementation

Specific methodologies include:

Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Implementation Methodology

Data Migration/Conversions Methodology

Strategy Methodology

Data Quality Assurance Methodology

The benefits of Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence Implementation Methodology include:

Actionable and reliable data True business-technology alignment occurs when technology assets enhance the businesses ability to make future judgments based on the past performance.

Rapid response Having a team of experts who have worked on numerous challenging projects allows clients to develop a rapid response strategy to a competitive move or leverage the team's domain knowledge to develop a proactive competitive position.

Operational control Having experts continually monitor the database performance related issues and proactively address these without a decline in productivity.

Backup team access to a team of resources, at all levels, fully conversant with the client systems.

Risk free Having total control over the hiring process, project deliverables, management strategy, and terms of engagement.

Cross platform technology skills The data team has an ability to adapt to the client organizations choice of platforms.

Flexibility to leverage the domain knowledge, industry best practices and team's ability to offer on- or off-site services, and choose an engagement model to best meet business and technology goals

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