Data Services

DVI Technologies' Data Related Services help companies develop appropriate metrics to track business, maintain internal databases, and ensure ongoing reliability and availability of data and databases.

Some of the general areas that we service are:

Architecture and design : Our experts engage with the clients early on in the cycle of implementations in order to ensure that all databases are set up correctly.

This helps to ensure operational efficiency, improved productivity, and easy access at both tactical and strategic levels. At this critical stage, it is absolutely essential all systems development is done right.

This helps to ensure operational efficiency, improved productivity, and easy access at both tactical and strategic levels. At this critical stage, it is absolutely essential all systems development is done right.

Data Quality Management Most companies rely on multiple data sources to make the operational systems function smoothly. These systems, in turn, have different data management schemes and validations, thus resulting in inconsistent and often unreliable data. This flawed data often inhibits decision makers from being able to make solid business decisions promptly. DVI Technologies' experts can help:

Standardize, correct, and normalize data

Verify and validate data accuracy

Parse data into atomic components

Plan and prioritize a data correction initiative

By improving the quality of data, Clients can build usable, actionable information that provides an accurate "snapshot" of your organization's effectiveness and competitiveness.

Database and application migrations

DVI Technologies offers expertise in helping clients leverage existing investments while taking advantage of newer technologies. This is accomplished by migrating data and applications from their current systems to the appropriate databases/platforms. Current systems may include inherited systems, via mergers or acquisitions, old legacy systems, or a consolidation of multiple platforms.


Time-critical troubleshooting

Time-critical troubleshooting is often handled by our DBA Services group which functions like an extended 24/7 services unit. This team is composed of database experts already equipped with personal knowledge of client systems. In the event of a system failure, these experts are readily available and will be able to get the databases up and running in no time.

High availability and scalability

While most technology platforms are able to perform similar functions some are stronger in certain areas than others. DVI Technologies' experts can help clients better articulate their needs, and then develop balancing requirements and a roadmap for foreseeable future growth. Our experts will then implement the technology/database solutions that would be most appropriate to handle current requirements, while also ensuring that these systems can easily scale to handle increased future workload.


Performance and application tuning

Performance and application tuning is where our reputation began. Most databases develop performance issues over time. Solving these challenges is routine for our expert DBAs. Whether it be a quick fix, a complex brainteaser, or an issue related to data quality, our DBAs thrive on identifying the problem and then implementing a solution, thus creating a finely tuned data environment.

Strategic expert support

DVI Technologies' experts have extensive knowledge across a wide range of technology and database platforms such as:


MS SQL Server





DVI Technologies is always willing to help clients better understand their business needs and also project their scalability needs. Having identified these needs, an appropriate solution will be implemented that is able to handle both current and future needs.


The benefits of DVI Technologies' Data Services include

Actionable and reliable data True business-technology alignment occurs when technology assets enhance the business' ability to make future judgments based on the past performance.

Rapid response Having a team of experts who have worked on numerous challenging projects allows clients to develop a rapid response strategy to a competitive move or leverage the team's domain knowledge to develop a proactive, competitive position.

Operational control Having experts continually monitor database performance issues and proactively address these without and productivity drops.

Backup team Having access to a team of resources, at all levels, that is fully conversant with client systems.

Risk Free Having total control over the hiring process, project deliverables, management strategy, and terms of engagement.

Cross platform technology skills The data team is able to adapt to the client's choice of platforms.

Flexibility Having the ability to leverage domain knowledge, industry best practices, the data team's ability to offer on- or off-site assistance, and the appropriate engagement models required to meet business and technology goals.

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