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DVI Technologies' AIDM practice is focused on two core values:

Tangible near term business value

Efficient execution

We accomplish this by:

Delivering the most effective blend of onsite/near site activities to clients

Leveraging our shared assets, development frameworks, and reference architectures

Implementing Web Services standards in solution design and delivery models.s

The following are some of the key engagement types where we have been able to demonstrate considerable value.

Our expert resources have demonstrated experience in delivering effective business applications that have made a positive impact on business performance. AIDM leverages innovative technologies, techniques, and assets for outstanding solution design and delivery.

Our goal is to satisfy our clients by helping them rapidly gain competitive advantage through proven solutions, process transformation, and/or cost savings.

We provide custom development and legacy enablement (application conversions, migrations, and platform consolidation).

We also offer help with the adoption of new technologies and products

We also offer help with the adoption of new technologies and products

Strategic Services

Process Management and Validation

Our Experts help client's better understand and map the systemic interdependencies across business functions, applications and infrastructure elements at function, division or enterprise levels. This detailed knowledge enables IT organizations to educated decisions about IT Infrastructure and Business Applications.

The functional tasks that we execute include

Define business process to application and application to infrastructure mappings

Developing cost efficient strategies to meet business and infrastructure optimization goals

Establish effective strategies for workload separation and balancing


Risk and ROI Modeling

DVI Technologies experts recognize that ROI analysis is the most business-oriented measure of gauging whether an organization should make financial, and more importantly, time commitments to the BI program.

We combine proven expertise, real world implementation cases, and a variety of business models to develop appropriate Risk and ROI Scenarios. This has helped companies implement strategies that deliver long-term business value.

We leverage extensive understanding of IT Project Risks and industry standard financial models for efficient project portfolio and risk management.

Process Analysis & Application Architecture

Our consultants have extensive expertise in providing end-to-end architecture support for customer engagements and for the development and implementation of enterprise-wide patterns, blueprints and reference architectures.

The functional tasks include

Experienced architects provide technical assistance and guidance in emerging technology areas such as SoA and Application Integration, Knowledge Management, e-business and create reusable assets such as reference architectures and frameworks.

Deploying proven proprietary tools, proven industry standard strategies, and highly skilled consultants to consistently deliver high quality applications, efficiently.

Our teams strength is in providing broad range of application industry awareness, thought leadership, risk understanding and an efficient delivery model.

Examples of solutions include:

Adaptive industry patterns

Capacity availability performance and scalability assessment


Legacy Applications Migration

Recognizing that today's complex environments and a menagerie of application can force companies to spend an increasingly large percentage of the technology budgets for regular maintenance, our consultants have developed innovative solutions and business models, to help clients modernize the existing application suite or maintain these at a fraction of the cost.

The services include

Develop a vision, architecture blueprint and implement the appropriate solution to meet your business and IT objectives, resource constraints and capabilities.

Exploit various packaged applications, tools, proven strategies and innovations including service-oriented architectures, Web services management, automated provisioning and resource virtualization

Demonstrate the efficiencies in the design and development process in adopting the prevalent technology... easily

Creates a roadmap and implement strategies that defines specific tactical tasks to help clients transition to the environment that best suits their business needs and affordable infrastructure

This service can help clients transition to a business value centric application infrastructure to capture the productivity opportunities offered by today's technologies.

Web Application Development

Our consultants have extensive expertise in a wide range of technologies to help clients implement solutions that best fit the business goals. Some of the technologies that our consultants have worked on are:

Applications Management

As the demand for new and more complex business applications -- and support for these applications -- continues to grow, DVI Technologies helps client achieve progressively efficiency by leveraging our extended applications management resources.

DVI Technologies helps IT managers meet this demand of high availability and support by levering our resources for the wide variety of skills they need to build, improve and maintain their application portfolios. Managing these resources, especially when they come from multiple vendors, creates new business challenges.

Trained, immediately productive consultants Our consultants provide skilled supplemental staff to meet the continually shifting and expanding requirements of your business and by managing your existing subcontractors. Our services help you realize increased business value by lowering costs and increasing the performance of your application development and maintenance staff.

Gaining access to a flexible pool of resources We offer a flexible approach to meet the changing business demands for application development and maintenance resources. We also provide access to a vast pool of experienced consultants to help you get the additional staff and specialized skills you need.

Our services in this sector include

Product Prototype development

Product Development

Product Enhancement

Product Localization

Ongoing Support

Product Hardening

Roadmap development and management


Package Applications Implementation

Our consultants combine deep insight into industry-specific processes with the capabilities and technologies of numerous specialized packaged applications providers to help clients increasingly higher levels of application sophistication combined with the benefit of best-practices R&D investments made in different business sectors.


Engaging DVI Technologies

DVI Technologies has extensive experience presenting and leveraging corporate data through reporting applications and dashboard applications. Our consultants have extensive experience working at tactical as well as strategic CXO levels.

Offers highly responsive services and support to deliver services at predictable costs and defined levels for a higher ROI

Provides a broad range of expert resources -- on demand

In addition to the well known technology providers such as Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Sun, DVI Technologies works with numerous application and tools providers across the world and implements solutions that deliver the highest business value.

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