Software Products

Software Product Companies develop cutting edge technologies and experience a reduction in software development time and costs by as much as 70% by using DVI Technologies' methodologies and tools.

DVI Technologies' Support Model and Development Model (SM and DM) give software product companies the option of allocating IT resources to where they are most needed. So, whether they need additional development resources or want to outsource end-of-life product support, DVI Technologies has a solution.

Software product companies want to develop more product for less money, and engaging with DVI Technologies allows them to do just that. For software companies to stay competitive, their focus will be on enhancing the current line of products. DVI Technologies' support and development models enable software product companies to develop cutting edge technologies in less time and for less money.

  • DVI Technologies' SM (Support Model) offers clients the opportunity to outsource product maintenance so all resources can be shifted towards development. In the SM, help desk and IT support is available on or offsite. Maintaining end - of - life product can be expensive and time consuming. DVI Technologies' SM and teams of highly skilled developers and consultants can help eliminate the pain.
  • DVI Technologies' DM (Development Model) affords clients the ability to rapidly develop new products without having to invest enormous amounts of time, money, and manpower. The DM funnels innovation back to the client by providing them with resources devoted entirely to development, prototyping, and testing.

DVI Technologies helps to further develop more product at a reduced cost by:

  • Providing support so that the client can focus on enhancing its current product
  • Maintaining end-of-life products
  • Providing training to the client's staff
  • Developing more solutions for the client's marketplace by providing additional man power
  • Developing product life cycle models so that the client can prioritize for updates
  • Developing prototypes for new products
  • Providing a more complete solution by integrating with other services

Regardless of whether our clients use DVI Technologies' Support Model or Development Model, client can expect the following of DVI Technologies:

  • Domain Knowledge is preserved and maintained as opposed to completely lost as in a contractor situation.
  • Flexibility of adding the resources to the project teams as required.
  • Simplicity of contract relationship
  • Deliverable responsibility by DVI Technologies rather than individual contractors
  • Access to robust application development (ISO 9001:2000) processes
  • Tight project management control and status reporting on regular basis
  • Cost savings on overall budget
  • Access to large pool of experienced software development resources