Life Sciences

Life science organizations experience reduced transaction costs and faster service to collection cycles that internally help increase profitability.

DVI Technologies know how to help life sciences organizations. We understand the challenges in Pharmaceutical, Health Care Providers, Medical Device Firms, Hospitals, Biotechnology, and Clinical Research. DVI Technologies provides clients with best practices and technology knowledge that they need to gain competitive leadership.

DVI Technologies has extensive experience in utilizing technology to help life science organizations achieve data transaction standards and HIPAA compliance as well as aiding in data integration and data analysis.

Our consultants assist life science organizations with these and other issues by jointly discovering new processes and systems that enable our clients to achieve new levels of profitability.

DVI Technologies knows the power of data and what it can mean for an organization. We thrive on enabling clients to take advantage of that "power". Organizations with complex environments and incompatible data systems call on us to show them the power of their data.

    Our clients see value in engaging with DVI Technologies by:

  • Making data available to internal and/or external agencies, while maintaining a secure format complying with HIPAA regulations.
  • Being sensitive to regulatory environments. Applications need to be kept in line with these environments, and may need to integrate with new applications and systems. (Such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • Allowing clients to adequately track data points at the patient, research, manufacturing, or the executive levels to make well informed decisions and make knowledge available to the right person and the right time, without any added complexity or business process.
  • Providing the appropriate qualified people that can transform vision into reality.
  • Transferring domain knowledge on a process or technology for the clients own ongoing support.
  • Being a technology partner that has a high success rate in the evolution of technology and, therefore, can help the organization create and implement a strategic plan.
It is essential for our clients to have a partner that understands important industry issues. Clients often call on DVI Technologies after a regulatory agency, significantly alters something, such as new tax incentives. Most decision makers are in a position and are willing to take advantage of these incentives but struggle because the client does not have a technology partner that is capable of demonstrating the value of the concept to board members.

There may be a viable plan in place with systems having been built in a platform environment but clients must now address a problem of connecting them because the systems are not compatible with each other. Often, this presents a challenge concerning security issues, as well as how to make information available in this rule-based environment. A company may already have the right systems and people in place; however they want to make information available in a format for proactive decision making with a model in which the format can be easily changed without too much IT overhead.