Financial Services


Financial Service Organizations consistently achieve increased levels of productivity, operating efficiencies, customer acquisition and retention by leveraging DVI Technologies' services.

DVI Technologies understands the financial services industry. Extensive domain expertise in Banking, Insurance, Title Insurance, Mortgage & Lending, gives DVI Technologies an ability to provide clients with the best practices and technology knowledge that they need to gain competitive leadership.

DVI Technologies' consultants realize that our clients face unique business challenges such as increased data availability and information sources, aging applications, increased risk situations, increased cost of business, regulatory overhead, business transformation, mergers and acquisitions, economic parameters.

Our consultants help firms address these and other issues by jointly developing new operating models, and discovering new levels of productivity and offering real, sustainable value through modernizing and integrating virtually every business process, both within and outside the organization.

DVI Technologies knows data. We love it. Customers with numerous applications and data sources, call on DVI Technologies to help them unify their data strategy. DVI Technologies creates seamless data exchange platforms which allow for effective inbound and outbound order management, easy integration with vendor, partner and client systems, and integration of a self service website with back end applications. Managing data properly allows for a dramatic increase in operational efficiency.

Our Clients see value in engaging with DVI Technologies by:

Making the right knowledge available to the right person at the right time, without any added complexity in technology or business processes.

Protecting the integrity and consistency of data across applications and business units.

Promoting the "single version of truth" among all data stakeholders.

Enabling decision makers at all levels to quickly react to changes in the environment, allowing them to spot opportunities before competitors do.

Helping our clients implement tools, technologies and business practices with minimal change impact at the user level.

DVI Technologies realizes that individuals at the executive level are pressed for time. By developing portals, executive dashboards and integrated reporting strategies, DVI Technologies provides key executive with the ability to get an instant access to all the relevant information across various data assets in the enterprise.

It is important for organizations in any industry to understand trends in customer behavior. DVI Technologies provides, tools, consultants, processes and services to carryout advanced analytics that companies in financial services business to identify newer opportunities. DVI Technologies' analytics services help clients spot market trends ahead of competition and make appropriate strategic choice to dominate the markets.

Many of our clients in particular the ones in title insurance and lending institutions leverage our expertise in data integration, EDI, and SOA to implement operational cost reduction strategies by implementing appropriate transaction management systems strategies for with the ability to exchange information seamlessly, and specializes in developing transaction management tools that eliminate, multiple data entry points, eliminate error and get deals to the closing table quicker. DVI Technologies' development team specializes in developing and maintaining customized web services and applications for its clients in the financial services industry.


Financial Services

Financial Service Organizations consistently achieve increased levels of productivity, operating efficiencies, customer acquisition

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